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​​There is an easygoing confidence about Michael Red Crow Mulholland with no trace of the swagger, one would expect from a recording artist who has made an impression in both the Music and Film & Television Industry, who has achieved notoriety and performed at innumerable standing-room-only sold out shows. So how did Michael make music and translate them to an unwavering audience? The answer is in his Songs & Scores. Quite simply and quite honestly, Michael defies categorization. He imaginatively reshapes and colors music and poetic landscapes…an uncharted terrain. Diverting as it may seem, Michael does not write music pre-conceptually, it just comes out. He says, “I spent my whole life catching songs the Great Spirit has thrown out to me, creating as a child…even though art was always in my environment, I never did it because I was a musician, I did it because it is in my heart, my mind, body & soul.” Michael’s songs & scores are significant for their content and composition. Michael’s music reflect the plain-spoken wisdom of his upbringing and through his life experiences. They are an intimate journey of the pains and joys of life as seen through the eyes of a person who has abundantly experienced them both. More than any other single factor… it is the square dealing of the unadorned truth and time-worn tradition that draws listeners to the music of Michael Red Crow Mulholland. There are voices that leave lasting impressions upon the listening ear, and Michael’s is one of them! After all, Michael is, as he is quick to point out, just a guy who sings. And wow what a dream come true to have played in cover bands performing all my favorites and end up playing music with those exact people, now long time friends and one more thing, to have Gene Simmons sitting in on my vocals sessions while recording my first signed record deal with Medicine Wheel.

Making records since he was twelve, touring since sixteen, Michael found himself on the forefront of his career, Los Angeles, California. He has since made close friends, built strong foundations & relationships & recorded and performed with his band Medicine Wheel with an All Star Line up with Marc Ferrari Guitar, Danny Gill Guitar, Barry Lee Caldwell Bass, Robby Harrington Bass, Ray Luzier Drums and with some live show sit ins with Jackie Ramos & Anthony White & Ian Mayo. Michael has written & performed live music with such friends as (Keel) guitarist Marc Ferrari, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Stuart Smith (Sweet), Sean McNab (Lynch Mob Bassist), Dan McNay (Great White & Mandy Lion Bassist), Atomic Tommy McClenden (UFO), Jani Lane, Eric Turner & Jerry Dixon (Warrant), Robin McAuley vocalist for (MSG & Survivor) & my close friend, Chuck Wright & Frankie Banali of (Quiet Riot,) Johnny Edwards of (Foreigner,) Chaz West of (Foreigner,) Howard Leese of (Heart,) Graham Bonnet vocalist for (Deep Purple,) Phil Wolfe keyboardist for (Alice Cooper,) George Lynch guitarist for (Dokken, Lynch Mod, Mandy Lion, etc.,) Oni Logan vocalist for (Lynch Mob,) Jeff Keith vocalist for (Tesla,) Todd Jensen bassist for (Hardline,) Johnny & Joey Geoelli of (Hardline,) Bart Walsh guitarist of (Lancia, David Lee Roth Band & clinician for Gibson Guitars,) Dave Marshall guitarist for (Vince Neil Band,) my bro Miljenko Matijevic vocalist for (SteelHeart,) background vocals for Cher, Tommy Lee & Nikki Sixx of (Motley Crue,) that brought Michael Mulholland more success to perform/record the Theme Song for Guitar Hero II for Sony Playstation, Motley Crues #1 Hit to this very day ("Shout At The Devil,) as well as many more friends of Michael to share the stage with jamming with such greats as Mark Slaughter vocalist for (Slaughter,) Tim Kelly guitarist of (Slaughter,) Blas Elias drummer for (Slaughter,) Ray Luzier drummer for (Medicine Wheel, David Lee Roth Band, Mandy Lion, Stone Temple Pilots, currently drummer for Korn,) my friend the Legend Scott Weiland vocalist for (Stone Temple Pilots, RIP Brother) Mitch Perry guitarist for (Lita Ford,) Tommy Thayer guitarist of (Black & Blue & currently with Kiss,) Bob Kulick guitarist for (Alice Cooper, Kiss etc.,) Bruce Kulick guitarist for (Kiss,) Paul Shortino & dear close friend of (Rough Cut, currently staring in Raiding the Rock Vault in Las Vegas with stage vocals mate Robin McAuley.) producer Pat Regan (Deep Purple, Kiss, Doro Pesch, Richie Blackmore, Wierd Al), writing & vocal sessions with long time dear close friend Jan Buckingham with sound recordings: Pam Tillis, Whitney Houston, Melissa Manchester, Englebert Humperdink, George Jones, Lee Greenwood, Gary Morris & Crystal Gale, Rebe Jackson, Air Supply etc., Bob Malone ("John Fogerty Band",) Skip Edwards: Keyboards for Dwight Yoakam, and Marty Rifkin, a well respected multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has acclaimed award status for “Best Pedal Steel Player.” Playing pedal steel, guitar, dobro and numerous other instruments, Marty has recorded with such notable artists as Bruce Springsteen (The Ghost of Tom Joad & Bruce Springsteen Tracks), Jewel (Spirit), Tom Petty (Wildflowers), Dwight Yoakam (A Long Way Home & Come On Christmas), Chris Perez (Resurrection), Smokey Robinson, Michael Mulholland and many others.


During the summer of 1999, Michael was nominated for several categories in Nashville’s Independent Artists Award Show. Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Male Rising Star, Album of the Year. it was truly an honor for Michael to bring home the highest award offered, “Male Vocalist of the Year 1999″ presented to Michael Mulholland by Toby Kieth, along with “Rising Star of the Year 1999!” Michael has also performed, written and co-written songs for hundreds of Film & Television productions. "The Fighter" staring Christian Bale & Mark Walberg, "The Dilema" staring Vince Vaughn & Kevin James, “Under Siege II” staring Steven Segal, with featured performance song “Blue Over You,” “Life With Mikey” starring Michael J. Fox, featured performance song “Flying Blind,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Tommy Thayer, “Man of the House” staring Chevy Chase & Jonathon Taylor Thomas, song “In Confusion,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, “Vegas Vacation” staring Chevy Chase, song “In Confusion,” writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, “Guiding Light,” song/video“Walking into Walls,” performed by Medicine Wheel, writers: Michael Mulholland, Marc Ferrari & Danny Gill, "Entetainment Tonight," "Touched by an Angel," "Step by Step," and much more just to name a few. In 2007 Michael began a new journey in Music in Film, Composing to Visual, scoring trailers, documentaries, Commercials and Films. Michael is also a Signed writer with Universal Music Group with published songs such as "Should've Known Better," "Free," and many more.

Michael's last music project was developed by military veterans that were great musicians and packaged quite a punch of metal music that took Michael to a new level of vocals, writing and producing.  The band was originally named Xziled later to be changed to Masters of The Machine. After recording the entire album the band started to fall apart.  the time wasn't optimal for Michael as others in the band had difficult working jobs hours that didn't allow for any more writing and rehearsal sessions.  Though Masters of the Machine was disbanded, Michael followed through with producing a 4 song EP titled "Human Debris" that you can stream the songs here on Michael's website.  Michael has been acclaimed for his master remake of Led Zepplins "Immigrant Song" that put Masters of the Machine on a path to success.  However, the band completely fell apart, Michael's guitarist Jeff Lawson soon later died from Cancer that was very emotionally devastating to Michael, a great loss of a true friend & brother. Michael still holds the name of the band Masters of the Machine and is looking forward to the day he can finally complete the production of the entire album and release it. 

Never to leave music...


Michael has achieved success and won awards for his nature, Wildlife & Landscape photography, having his photos published, licensed and featured in National Geographics and Adobe Stock. Michael's photography is a professional hobby he enjoys immensely, capturing experience, precious memorable candid moments through the subjects he photographs.  Michael provides professional Photography Services for actors, actresses, models, business men and women, events, parties, corporate events, weddings, engagement parties, head shots, children photography for family portraits, pet photography, real estate and commercial property photography, homes & gardens.  Michael truly enjoys the outdoors and is always with his camera to capture the ultimate beauty of Nature Wildlife Landscapes and most of all, his children.